Technical details

Anume provides an accurate measurement of a patient's vital signs. For example, the bed sensors monitor heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, specific tremors (cough, wheezing, etc.), unconscious micro movements, relative blood preasure, temperature and human activity. The measurement is carried out using four precise sensors (more than 1,200 measurement per second). Raw data is placed in the central processing unit integrated into the device. The processing unit and sensors are located under the mattress, without bothering of the monitored person.

All the raw data are filtered by our algorithms and correlated with subsequent patient clinical development. Machine learning tools are then able to refine the algorithms to increase diagnostic accuracy over time and reduce the likelihood of false positives.

ANUME can be operated purely in the internal environment (hospital nursing system) or can be connected to the cloud (for telehealth providers).

Our R&D team also continue to develop algorithms to detect different type of health conditions. We are working on new capabilities of the system:

  • types of arrhythmias and fibrillations,
  • relative changes in intrathoracic pressure,
  • time of aortic valve opening.