Mental deseases

Persons with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) suffers from sudden changing of their behavior and mood which is related to the progression of their disease and changes in their cognitive functions. Anume Care provides HRV, vital signs and unconscious micro-movements monitoring for enabling accurate correlation between digital values and progression of disease:

  • accurately measured HRV values clearly illustrate the patient's psychological well-being, restlessness, stress — shows the care needs and medical curing results,

  • digital support in examination of the degree of disease involvement and especially immediate recognition of sudden change in health (i.e. scaled in 7 stages of Global deterioration scale) — displays the care and medication needs,

  • support in identification of possible risk of the patient from other diseases that are difficult to identify in patients with advanced dementia due to their limited ability to communicate,

  • detection of life-threatening conditions (fall, apnea, respiratory and heart issues, etc.).